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Welcome to our Columbia Career and Adult Education Information Webpage!
Whether you are interested in preparing for college, taking the GED® 2014 test, or improve your math, language arts (reading and writing), science, or social studies skills, we are here to help with:

  • Day and evening classes,
  • Experienced, trained, and knowledgeable instructors,
  • Access to FREE computer-based education programs to supplement your classroom experience, as well as
  • Assistance in setting personal, educational, or career goals and 
  • Strategies for ​staying on track!

Services provided by Columbia County's Adult Education Program afford individuals opportunities to earn a high school equivalency diploma, earn an adult high school diploma, improve academic skills required for work, technical training, or college, and improve English literacy skills.

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Adult Education

Tuition and Fees

As required by Senate Bill 2150, there is a tuition charge for Adult Education. This includes Adult High School, ABE, GED, skill remediation, college preparatory, and English as Second Language. The cost will cover all classes during a semester (Term)-$30 per term.


- -

Term Classes Begin Classes End
Fall 2015 August 17 December 10
Spring 2016 January 5 May 5
Summer 2016 May 9 June 30


Students planning to enroll at satellite sites within the community are asked to pre-register at the Career and Adult Education Center located at 409 SW Saint Johns Street. Please contact the CAE office for additional information at 386-755-8190.

Fees may be paid via cash, cashier's check, or money order and are nonrefundable.

Programs and Locations

Equivalency (Preparation for GED)

  • Adult Center, Lake City - Day
  • Columbia High School, Lake City - Evening

Adult Basic Education (Improving Reading and Math)

  • Adult Center, Lake City - Day
  • Columbia High School, Lake City - Evening

Post Secondary / Employment Transition Services / Remediation

  • Adult Center, Lake City - Day

High School Credit (Leading to Adult Diploma)

  • Columbia High School, Lake City - Evening

ESOL (English as a Second Language)

  • Adult Center, Lake City - Day

Adult Education

What is the GED?

The 2014 GED® Test Benefits

  • Only nationally recognized high school equivalency test developed by experts with a 70-year history in high school equivalency
  • Only test aligned with current high school standards (including grade 12 standards) and career–and college-readiness expectations
  • Delivered exclusively on computer which provides a consistent testing experience nationwide and improved passing rates
  • Same-day scoring on all four parts including the new score report for reporting and remediation
  • Offers two score levels:
    • GED ® Passing Score: at or higher than the minimum needed to demonstrate high school equivalency-level skills and abilities
    • GED ® with Honors: at or higher than the minimum needed to demonstrate career- and college- readiness

What's New?
The 2014 GED® focuses on critical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • You can register, schedule, and pay for only those parts of the test you are ready to take.
  • It is aligned with current high school standards (including grade 12 standards) and career- and college-readiness expectations. When you pass the test, you demonstrate you have met rigorous standards of high school completion and college and career readiness.
  • The 2014 GED® is delivered exclusively on an approved test center computer; this provides a consistent testing experience nationwide and improved passing rates. The test is NOT online. You must take the test in-person.
  • Offers two score levels:
    • GED® Passing Score: at or higher than the minimum needed to demonstrate high school equivalency-level skills and abilities
    • GED® Passing Score with Honors: at or higher than the minimum needed to demonstrate career- and college-readiness
  • There are FOUR content areas:
  • The 2014 GED® score report provides detailed individualized feedback on specific skills that can be improved for a higher score, and includes targeted study recommendations.
  • With the 2014 GED®, you may decide to schedule, pay, and take only one module at a time. You do NOT have to take all subjects before you can re-take an area.
  • In Florida, the 2014 GED® is given in English, Spanish, and French.
  • Paper testing is only available as an accommodation.

Am I eligible to take the GED® Exam?
You are eligible to take the exam if you are not enrolled in and have not graduated from high school. You must also meet the age requirement. You are eligible if you are 18 years or older.

But what if I am a minor (less than 18 years of age)?
You may qualify to take the GED® if you are at least 16 years old and enrolled in a GED® Prep course.


  1. A sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) year old candidate must be attending classes in the ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAM OF Columbia County (night time or day time classes) a minimum of thirty (30) days immediately prior to the time the GED® examination is administered and until results are received. A minor enrolled and attending class in an alternative school setting may request a waiver of the one-month requirement based on their principal's recommendation.
  2. The student must have withdrawn from the regular school program showing an official withdrawal form from the school last attended.
  3. The GED Testing Services places an "AGE ALERT" on all candidates who are considered minors (16- 17 year olds). This AGE ALERT is seen on the candidate GED account. Students vv:II not be able to schedule for the 2014 GED® test. They may take the GED Ready® Practice Tests.
  4. In order to obtain a waiver of the "AGE ALERT", the following steps must be completed:

    • A GED Ready® Practice Test must be taken for each module. A minimum score of 150 is required prior to being recommended for the 2014 GED®.
    • The student must have a signed parental/guardian consent form for testing on file in the Adult Education office. (Form will be provided.)
    • The student must provide and/or exhibit an unusual need to justify 2014 GED® testing. GED Ready® scores will be submitted to District Superintendent. If approved for testing, he will provide a Justification Letter back to the Adult Education office. This letter must be uploaded to Florida Department of Education for their approval and to lift the AGE ALERT. At this point, minor students may schedule for the module (subject area) they were approved for.

How much does the GED® cost?
The Florida fee is $32.00 per module (content area test). For details and test dates, call the Adult Education office of the Columbia County School District at 386-755-8190. The GED® test is administered monthly.

Why take the 2014 GED® Exam?
The General Education Development Exam (GED®) can give you the opportunity to earn a high school equivalency diploma. This credential is recognized as a key to employment opportunities, advancement, further education, and financial rewards.

How will the 2014 GED® test be scored and what score is passing?
The 2014 GED® test is scored by computer. The passing standard on each module has been set at a score of 150 on a scale of 100 to 200 scaled score points for each of the four content modules. When ALL four (4) modules are successfully completed (passed), a STATE OF FLORIDA HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA will be awarded to examinees. Once an area is passed, the student/candidate is through with that module.

Is keyboarding speed an issue? How does this influence test time?
The time given is adequate for you to construct your answer and key in your response. Field-testing has demonstrated that even test-takers with minimal keyboarding skills have adequate time.

How should I prepare for the test?
The Career and Adult Education Program sponsored by the Columbia County School District provides the instruction you may need for the tests. The staff at the Adult Education Office will be happy to talk with you about the study options available in preparing for the 2014 GED®.

The GED Ready® Practice Test
Take only practice test designed to assess how you will do on the 2014 GED® test.


  • Tells you if you are likely to pass
    • The GED Ready® practice test has the same look and feel as the real GED® test, and gives you firsthand experience answering computer-based test questions written and developed by the test's creators. The score report tells you if you are likely to pass or if it's too close to call and they should keep studying.
  • Same-day scores
    • You can evaluate your same-day GED Ready® practice test scores and decide if you’re prepared to test. You'll be able to identify areas of strength and weakness and immediately work on improvements. Work with Adult Education Staff to maximize your results.
  • Focused study plans
    • The GED Ready® practice test is synced to publisher books and courses and gives you a targeted study plan based on the you  need  to work on, including specific guidance on what to study in publishers' test prep materials.

How do I earn an Adult High School Diploma?
You may enroll in Adult High School classes for course credit in our evening program located at Columbia High School. Our guidance staff will assist you in determining the courses and/or assessments you may need in order to earn your Columbia Adult High School Diploma.

What should I do next?
Your next step is to contact the Adult Education office at (386) 755-8190 or come by at 409 SW St. Johns St.

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GED Testing Schedule

We will be offering the 2014 GED® monthly here at the Adult Education Building. You can see our dates on the GED® website as you prepare to register. Are you ready to schedule?

Sign up now at

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Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)

Prior to enrollment in Adult Education classes, the TABE is administered to identify areas of strength and weaknesses of skills that you use daily. The TABE consists of four timed sections consisting of reading, language, applied mathematics, and mathematics computation. You will complete the test over the course of one to two days. You cannot fail the TABE.

It is only a tool to help you and your adult education teacher develop the best educational plan for you. The results will help you put together a plan of action for educational success. We are committed to assisting you in any way that we can to help you become successful in adult education!

TABE for Pre-employment
The TABE is administered on MONDAYS for individuals who need documentation for employment. Individuals wishing to test should arrive at the Adult Education Center by 8:15 a.m. The fee for testing is $20.00 and a photo ID is required.

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The purpose of ESOL classes is to help you to learn English, to find work, and to continue learning. Register for a class in your Adult Education Center and take a test of the English language and other skills.

Setting Goals - Think about your reasons for studying English:

  1. To get a job.
  2. To keep your job.
  3. To advance in your career.
  4. To study in a college or university.
  5. To help your children in school.
  6. To talk with your neighbors and friends.

Your teacher will help you plan your goals, so you will need to:

  1. Come to every class and arrive on time.
  2. Use English every day.
  3. Study hard inside and outside the class.

Classroom Learning - The Florida Adult ESOL courses have three parts. You will study each part:

  1. Workforce development skills.
  2. Life skills.
  3. Academic skills.

Going Ahead - After you study English for a time, you will:

  1. Take a test on the material you learned.
  2. Go to another course or go to a new job.
  3. Set new goals.
  4. Keep contact with the center after you leave.

ESOL classes are offered Monday through Thursday at the Adult Education Center, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. There is a fee of $30.00 per term for classes.

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Additional Resources

Here are some additional sites that we trust to help you. Although there are a lot of sites out there that claim they can help you get a GED® Diploma, they aren't all trustworthy or honest. However, this list of legitimate websites and organizations wants to help you earn your GED® Diploma just as much as we do.

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